Bump Trays

For those who want to offer a truly gourmet pizza-baking experience, Bake-Best is the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of Perfect Crust™ Bakeable Pizza Trays. These innovative trays with their patented bi-directional “bumps” allow for greater air flow and moisture release during the baking, creating an exceptionally crisp golden crust from the edge all the way to the center of the pizza.

These advance bake technology trays come in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes. They cost a little more than regular trays. But if you’re creating masterpiece pizzas with unusual cheeses and toppings, your customers will appreciate the extra touch of quality.

All three sizes of our “Bump” trays are available for immediate delivery in white. They can also be custom-ordered in black and other colors, or with your name and logo printed on them.