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Food Safety.

All of Bake Best's disposable food service packaging is used by our customers in various food service applications, from fresh to frozen, food processor to restaurant, and shelf to oven. 

We consider our role as a manufacturer of paper-based disposable food packaging products to be an integral part of the food supply chain and take the related responsibilities seriously. Throughout our production of food service packaging, Bake Best utilizes industry standard food safety Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and more importantly have also implemented a food safety quality program that satisfies the standards of HACCP certification.  This ensures that our disposable bakeware trays satisfy the demanding requirements and expectations of our valued customers.

As a result of our most recent independent annual audit conducted by SCS Global, Bake Best Trays earned an audit rating of Good, the distinction that our quality management system was fully compliant with the standards and requirements of GMP & HACCP; and was awarded its most recent Certificate of Registration dated February 19, 2019.

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