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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are thermoformed paper trays?

A:  Thermoformed paper trays were an answer to worldwide demand about 30 years ago when microwave ovens took over our family kitchens. Frozen foods and dinners packaged in aluminum foil containers cooked effectively in conventional ovens, but were a hazard in microwaves. Plastic containers had their drawbacks as well, melting and bonding with the food under the intense heat. Heavyweight paperboard, however, was microwave compatible. And with a thin layer of polyester to prevent the food from sticking, paper companies had a material that worked just as well in conventional ovens as it did in microwaves.

Using technology from the creation of paper plates, paperboard could be used to produce three-dimensional food trays, which worked equally well for frozen foods and fast foods. Since the process utilizes heated dies to form the paperboard, it acquired the name of “thermoforming.” The manufacturing process yields final thermoformed trays and containers that are incredibly lightweight and surprisingly strong.

Better yet, because this new dual-ovenable material is recognized as being made from renewable, sustainable resources, it is rapidly replacing aluminum foil containers and high-temperature plastic trays for many applications. Today, thermoformed paper trays are not only being used for frozen foods and food service packaging around the world, they have also found a niche as commercial bakeware.

Q: Are Bake-Best thermoformed paper trays truly effective for baking?

A: Disposable pressed paperboard has long been used for baking products because it’s ideal for use in both conventional and microwave ovens. Bake-Best’s disposable trays and bakeware are made with renewable paperboard materials designed specifically to go from the freezer to the oven to the table. Conditions can vary, but typically, disposable paper pans can safely withstand temperatures of up to 425° F for up to 20 minutes of cooking (and often longer). Plenty of time to bake a perfect pizza or pasta dish.

Q:  What’s so unique about Bake-Best trays?

A:  There are almost too many things to mention. But here are a few:

1. Our paper baking trays are dual oven-able, which means they can be placed in the microwave or conventional oven up to 425 degrees (or higher, depending on food content) for up to 20 minutes.

2. Our trays are environmentally responsible. All of them are made predominantly of paper – recyclable and of course derived from wood fiber, our abundant renewable resource. Sustainable food packaging is important to a growing number of conscientious food processors and commercial bakeries, and we’re ready for them.

3. Our trays are disposable and we expect them to be used only once. Because they are made of paper, all of our products can be recycled, where recycling facilities exist.

4. Our trays are 100% leak-proof. Whether we’re using a very thin coating of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic on the interior of the tray or an aqueous coating, we can provide the most appropriate, cost-effective solution for liquid permeability.

5. Our trays also offer excellent release characteristics, which means even tough applications such as melted cheese, brownies and breads will not stick to the coating.

6. All of our food trays can be customized to include your name and/or logo. Custom packaging often requires tooling, investments and minimum order quantities, which means it’s optimal for larger volume opportunities.
7. If we don’t have the exact size or shape of tray or bakeware that you need, we can help you create a unique, cost-effective, functional and sustainable food packaging choice that meets all of your objectives. Just give us your specifications (and a little time) and we’ll create exactly what you need. Custom trays frequently require investments in new tooling as well as minimum order quantities.

Q: Are Bake-Best paperboard products truly an affordable solution?

A: Bake-Best products are designed to satisfy the demands of our customers who are primarily seeking cost-competitive, environmentally friendly alternatives to foil, hard metal, CPET, plastic and even traditional corrugated-assembled bakeware. Today, numerous bakeries, restaurants, food packer-processors and quick-serve restaurants have found them to be much more cost-effective for baking.

Q: Are there any restrictions to using Bake-Best Trays and Bakeware?

A: Not many. We don’t recommend subjecting Bake-Best Trays and Bakeware to oven temperatures of 425 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 20 minutes, depending upon the type of food product and the food load contained in the tray. They should not be used in compact, portable or toaster ovens, be placed under a broiler, or on the lower rack position of any oven. Nor should they ever be positioned to touch the walls of the oven or reused in a gas or electric oven.
For best results, we recommend testing Bake-Best Trays and Bakeware with the actual food ingredients and conditions offered to the customer. Actual temperatures and cooking times may vary depending upon the food ingredients and food loads. If you want to experiment with our products before using them, call and request a free Sample Pack.  Then you can fine tune your instructions with whatever you've got cooking. 


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