The best-baked foods use Bake-Best trays.

Bake-Best offers a wide variety of dual ovenable paperboard packaging solutions for the food handling and processing industry. As our name suggests, all of our products are designed to provide the best possible baking experience for meals, side dishes and pizzas every time. We are the perfect partner for high-capacity producers such as schools, hospitals and institutions. 

Mouthwatering meals. 

Our assortment of durable Convenience Meal and Bakery Product trays, can be used for refrigerated or frozen entrees, snack foods, breads and desserts. Trays range in size from 6-oz to 37-oz and have excellent release properties that allow food to move easily from the freezer to the microwave or conventional oven. And for those who prefer products that are even friendlier on the environment, our Bio-Bake trays are the most affordable compostable containers you can buy.

All eight sizes are available for immediate delivery in White on White. But they are also readily available in Black on White (standard mill-stock), Black on Black, and a wide array of custom colors for tray bottoms.

With longer lead times our onsite printers are capable of customizing your trays with your logo (printed or embossed) or we can create a custom shape for a distinguished look. Most sizes are available with clear PET dome lids to completely package your product. 

Don’t forget, Bake-Best’s Bio-Bake
 trays are one of the most earth-friendly meal containers in the industry. What’s more, we can even vary the thickness of the container other than standard 22 or 24-point paper.

Our Bio-Bake™ Meal Trays are made with biodegradable materials certified to the international standard of EN-13432 and ASTM-D6400.

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Slices of heaven. 

While meal containers are our bread and butter, we also make pizza trays in two different styles and several different sizes to match your baking needs. 

Pinwheel. Our economical “Pinwheel” trays deliver a superb pizza in three different sizes – 13“, 15” and 17”. For smaller pizzas, we offer our personal-size “Flat Bottom” trays in 8” and 10” sizes. All of these durable trays perform exceptionally well from freezer to oven, and all the way to the dinner table. Slices slide right off, so your customers can enjoy every single topping. 

All five sizes are available for rapid delivery in white. They can also be custom-ordered in black. As quoted all prices are freight inclusive. For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii or overseas, contact Aaron Roach at 844-442-8408 for a freight quote. (Add $3 per case for residential shipments.) 

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Bump. For those who want to offer a truly gourmet pizza-baking experience, Bake-Best is the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of Perfect Crust Bakeable Pizza Trays. These innovative trays with their patent pending bi-directional “bumps” allow for greater air flow and moisture release during the baking, creating an exceptionally crisp golden crust from the edge all the way to the center of the pizza. These advance bake technology trays come in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes. They cost a little more than regular trays. But if you’re creating masterpiece pizzas with unusual cheeses and toppings, your customers will appreciate the extra touch of quality.

All three sizes of our “Bump” trays are available for immediate delivery in white. They can also be custom-ordered in black and other colors, or with your name and logo printed on them.

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